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1. What is 181?

181 is a helpline started by Punjab police in order to maintain law and order in the state.

2. Which type of services endow with 181?

181 is helpline for locals, women, senior citizens, grievance against police, drugs and NRIs which provides help,information, counseling on the mentioned topics. It is an initiative taken for the safety of its people by the government of Punjab.

3. Is 181 comes under Government Sector or Private Sector?

181 comes under private sector.

4. Is 181 available 24*7

181 is available 24*7

5. Can common person complain on 181 against Police Officer?

Yes, 181 also tackles grievances against Police Officers.

6. Working of 181 is under whose guidance?

181 works under ADGP Law and Order.

7. 181 Office is available for every District?

No, 181 Office is in SAS Nagar.

8. Can we visit 181 Office to register our complain?

No, all the complain are registered on Phone call, FAX, SMS and E-Mail. People are not sanctioned to visit 181 Office.

9. Does 181 handle civil cases?

No, civil matters are not handled by 181 helpline.

10. If an individual commits suicide and someone notifies on 181. What action will 181 take?

181 will approach concerned department and convey the same to Police for assistance and will strive to save the life of that individual on time.

11. How does 181 handle cases against Domestic Violence complaints?

Initially, we counsel petitioner through our clinical Psychologist. If petitioner still insists for Police action in that case we will forward his/her complaint to the concerned department.

12. If someone is getting offensive and warning calls from anonymous person. What are the actions taken by 181?

181 transmits the victims contact number and the other number from where the victim is getting offensive calls. Number of accused will be traced by concerned department and adequate action will be taken by Police.

13. If someone informs about drugs supply or illegal alcohol trade. What are the actions taken by 181? Will the informer’s confidentiality be maintained?

Yes, for sure if complainant does not want to disclose his/her name. then name will not be revealed and adequate action will be taken against accused and illegal trade through the concerned department.

14. What role does NGO play in 181?

It depends on circumstances and nature of the issue. 181 analyzes the case and refers the victims to relevant NGOs.

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